June 2, 2013

Ten Years.

Thank you to my friend JK (of Trixie and Tess) for pointing out that TODAY marks ten years since Stephenie Meyer's dream of Edward and Bella in the meadow.

Ten years since she woke up, couldn't stop thinking about the dream, and took her kids to swim lessons and went about her day, all while thinking about the plot.  Three months later, Twilight was finished.  And now here we all are, in various stages of post-Twilight-sadness-symdrome (PTSS), tucking away our mini-Edwards and mourning Robsten once again. 

I'd love to hear from each of you how that day ten years ago would eventually change your life.  When did you first enter the Twilight world?  What crazy things has it led you to do?

Me, I read it in November of 2008.  And, I have been to Forks (3x!), to Baton Rouge to set-stalk Breaking Dawn (unsuccessfully, but it was exhilarating!), and to LA for the BD2 premiere.  It got me started reading again.  It makes me want to write and publish my own stories.  But more than any of these, I have made some of the deepest and most wonderful friendships of my life.  It sounds cheesy to say, but that doesn't change the fact that it's true: Twilight changed my life. 

What about you?


February 9, 2013

The Dog Bowl Scene!!

Finally!  Feast your eyes on the Rosalie/Jacob dog bowl scene.

What do you think?  I looooove Rosalie's angry voice!  And I never mind Laughingward :)


February 5, 2013

In other news - is anyone else being totally pwned by Beautiful Creatures right now?

So of course I've read other YA series like The Hunger Games, Hush Hush - although I got bored with Fallen and totally stopped - but a friend of mine recommended Beautiful Creatures a few months ago...

I watched the trailer for the movie, which ticked a lot of my interests' boxes:

Boy meets girl he can't have - check
Magical mystery - check
Historical flash backs - check
Set in the deep South - yes ma'am

So I ordered the book.

It then sat on my "to read pile" for the following few months.

I was finally able to read it over Christmas and I. Am. Hooked.  I can't help myself Pinteresting (that's a verb, right?) behind-the-scenes clips, costume inspirations and music links - Florence and the Machine's "Seven Devils" is on repeat) - I even bought the Illustrated Movie Guide!

I'm kind of loving being a little but pwned by something again :) but the BC fandom seems a little quiet... is anybody else out there?

- Lorabell

P.s. Not only is this film's Production Design by Richard Sherman *cough* from Breaking Dawn gorgeousness *ahem* but it stars Emma Thompson, Jeremy Irons, Viola Davis and Alden Ehrenreich who was "discovered" by Steven Spielberg himself *DING* sign me up!

Sooo it's been a while... New/Old pics from Breaking Dawn Part 2 UK premiere :)

Hello, helloo, hellooo?

Echo, echoo, echooo...

I missed you guys!  I'm so sorry I've been MIA for, ummm, quite a while :) it wasn't an intentional break but work went from zero to hyper-ludicrous speed and the Twidom got a little too eeek... I just ran plain ran out of steam.

I even had to send my lucky London bud @Barnsie_ along to the BDP2 red carpet but managed to join her in time for the screening - here's her take and pretty pics from the night:
I was beyond excited when Laura gave me the chance of covering the red carpet for the BD 2 premiere on 14 November.
As I only had 24 hours to prepare, friends and followers on twitter and imdb provided me with over thirty insightful and original questions for the main cast.
Sadly I could not manage to buy an amazing camera / video camera in time, so the photos are from my smartphone only, and I thought I had taken a lot more than I have, but hopefully you will love them :)
I arrived early in the press pen as I am small and I wanted to try and reserve a front row space.  Whenever I have been to premieres, I am always amazed at how friendly everyone is.  It is exactly the same on the press pen.  Everyone chatty and excited, and exchanging stories.  I loved it!
We were originally told we could ask TWO questions to the three main cast members, and that other talent on the carpet would include Bill Condon, Wyck Godfrey, Myanna Buring, Jamie Campbell Bower and Judy Shekoni.  Not forgetting Rebecca Adlington, Nutty Madam, The Saturdays, one of JLS, TOWIE cast members and XFactorUK contestants.
I went for a little walk with @frompagetopremiere @sarahnapier as they took footage of the fans, went to say hi to my friends behind the barriers, hung out ... the time whizzed past.  And then the chaos began!
The cast were running late and some of us (me included) were told at this stage that questions were forbidden but we could get as much footage from the press nearby.
With 3 cinemas showing the film, there were MANY MANY people to get along the red carpet, and as soon as people realised a cast member was nearby, they walked r-e-a-l-l-y s--l--o--w--l--y, trying to delay their entry into the cinema.
The three main stars came really close and were interviewed by the people around me - ET Canada,  From Page to Premiere, Cosmopolitan UK, Star MagazineRTL Croatia and Chart Show TV. I could have asked a question, even though I had been told not to.
If I had realised how good my smartphone was for video and photographs I would have taken many more especially of Robert hugging his sister Victoria right in front of me. 
I got to see Taylor, Robert and Kristen, close up and chatting to the journalists near to me.  
But next time, next time... I would definitely take someone with an amazing camera, and would have no hesitation is asking questions.  I am just too shy!

You so pretty. Hold me?

(Videos pending)
Thanks you Laura for an amazing opportunity and a great day, and I promise to be more bold and pushy next time :)
I can't believe it's all over *tear* I got so emotional at the credits - not only because I seriously bought that whole alternative ending and was FREAKING OUTTT, but - it was such the perfect closure to the series and I felt so nostalgic for all the fan-girling, friends and fun times and it's brought me...


- Lorabell x

December 30, 2012

Welp... a little catchup.

Since BD2 was released, there is a sad drought of Twi-news these days.  To make up for it, here is a picture that my lovely friend from New Zealand, TwiKiwi, took on my camera (thanks A!) at the Breaking Dawn: Part 2 premiere:

Blogger asked me what size to make this picture:
small, medium, large, or extra large. 
You guess which one I picked.

Here's a little interesting trivia, though:

Breaking Dawn: Part 2 has now grossed nearly $284 million, which puts it ahead of Breaking Dawn Part 1 ($281 million) and Twilight ($193 million), and behind Eclipse ($300.5 million) and New Moon ($297 million). 

With the movie still showing in 1,100 theaters across the US, plus countless more across the globe, and a daily intake hovering around half a million, Breaking Dawn: Part 2 stands a good chance of overcoming New Moon to become the second-highest-grossing Twilight Saga movie.  It may not overcome Eclipse... but I'm not done seeing it yet :) Anyone else going to do your part to up that total before it goes out of theaters entirely?


November 15, 2012

Jumping Rob adorkableness

This is so cute!  Rob sees Jumping Rob for (presumably) the first time.


Totally spoiler-free BD2 review

Hey TwiCrackers!  I'm back from LA and (somewhat) caught up on sleep.  I took hundreds of pictures and I will eventually find the hours needed to upload and edit them, but for now I'll just give you what I know you really want: a spoiler-free review of Breaking Dawn Part 2.

Let's start with the basics.

- Wardrobe, makeup, and hair: the best yet BY FAR.  Everyone finally looks really, really good.  Bella in particular looks beautiful and natural, and Edward has good hair and no lipstick!  Jasper, Rosalie, Alice, and Emmett also look good.  Carlisle looks less plastic and Esme looks lovely.   

- The "feel" of the movie is very much like BD1, although the pace of this one is lightening fast.  I felt like we were through the vast majority of the (rest of the) book in the first hour.  No slow, lingering gazes or half-minute breaks between lines here.  This movie moves and it was almost a little too fast for me, but I'm glad that they packed so much into it.

- The cottage is awesome, the scenery during the "battle" scene is beautiful and very... visually dynamic (see what I did there?).  All of the scenery was spot-on and not nearly as faux-snow-y as Eclipse. 

- Edward and Renesmee MELTED MY HEART.  Mackenzie as Renesmee was incredible.  She brought so much life to a character who, for me, never really jumped off the page.  I loved her in this role.  

- Michael Sheen steals the show as Aro.  He is so freaking creepy and really scared me!  He did a great job, despite the Michael Jackson outfit.  His Aro is nightmare-worthy. 

- How Bella's gift - and Alec's - are presented is perfect.  I wondered how they'd show them, and although they were a little different than I pictured, they were done well.

- All of the foreign vampires: loved, loved, LOVED them.  They were just as I pictured and the cast did a great job of bringing them to life.  Favorites were Benjamin (FAVORITE), Garrett, and the Amazons.  

- Not so much a movie note, but when "A Thousand Years" played at the premiere, all of the fans sang along.  It was a moment I will never forget.  It felt like we were saying goodbye to Twilight and telling the cast that we will never forget them. 

I really can't say much more without giving away the farm here.  I'm seeing it again tomorrow night and I'll reserve my overall score for after I've seen it a second time.  Most people I've talked to loved it, and only one or two didn't like it.  I'm still processing.

Final words of wisdom: take tissues.  And I mean that for you criers, but also those of you who rarely cry.  I ruined a scarf by ugly crying into it.  And I was surrounded by tears and gasping sobs too, so it wasn't just me.

Once you've seen it, let us hear your thoughts!  

-- MyAfterCar

November 10, 2012

Drive by posting from LA!

(Sorry weird post formatting.  Phone browser and Blogger aren't playing well together.)

End of Day Two in Tent City!

Yesterday was camp setup and watching Twilight on an outdoor screen in the Nokia Plaza.  

Today included a Camp Twilight group workout that was crazy fun, and as I type this I'm snuggled in a sleeping bag, sweatshirt, sweater, scarf, etc. trying to stay at a healthy human (not vampire) temperature - I thought California was warm - watching New Moon.  Eclipse is up next!  

Celebs: Tinsel Korey stopped by but the line to see her was several hundred long, so I didn't get to meet her.  Hopefully more tomorrow, which should be an exciting day!  

Cheers from LA,

November 7, 2012

Off to LA!

I'm packing my bags, TwiCrackers!  Tomorrow I hop a plane to Los Angeles to camp out for the Breaking Dawn Part 2 premiere.  I've got my Twilight tshirts, a Breaking Dawn poster mounted to a posterboard covered in glitter (what else?) for autographs, a really terrible Edward wig, and more.

See those little tents at the bottom right?  I'll be sleeping (or not, thank you adrenaline) in one. 
For four nights.  Send heating pads and Tylenol.

If you're camping out this weekend, come find me - I'm in Group 4 and I have little treats to give away!

For everyone else, I promise to take lots of pictures and notes and report back like a good little TwiCracker.  Let's send Twilight out in style (*sniffle*)!

Signing off,

PS - If you've been there, any last-minute advice for what I need to pack/see/do?

November 6, 2012

Robert Pattinson on Jimmy Kimmel

Rob (Edward) appeared on Jimmy Kimmel to talk (adorkably) about the size of his shoes, promo travel, skydiving (the way he wants to die - ?), voting (he wants no responsibility...), and the volume of his kissing ("like a vacuum").  Rob can always be relied upon to be awkward and hilarious!