January 31, 2009

Watch Rachelle, Ashley and Edi arrive & greet fans at the Push Premiere (and Joe Jonas too!)

This video of the arrivals at the Push Premiere at the Chinese theater in LA is chock full of young celebs, including Dakota Fanning, Chris Evans & Camilla Belle. Well, I guess that the fact that Joe Jonas was at the Push Premiere can put to rest all of those Rob-Camilla-Joe love triangle rumors! Maybe. :)

Source: INF Daily

New Meadow Scene Movie Stills: *Swoon^2*

These never get old! Many thanks to Everglow.

New MTV: Like everybody else, Dakota Fanning thinks that Robert Pattinson is "very, very cute"

MTV's Larry Carroll has posted another new Dakota interview, where she dishes about 'New Moon', why she's a good fit for Jane, and her potential co-star, R-patz:

"And, naturally, since Dakota is a teenage female, we couldn't resist asking the obvious question: If the actress shot a scene opposite heartthrob Robert Pattinson, could she keep herself under control?

"He is very, very cute," she giggled. "But I'm sure I would be."

Dakota is so polished & professional! Read the rest over at MTV.

Dakota is not a TwiCrack Addict (yet): As of today, Fanning hasn't finished reading Twilight -- let alone New Moon

LA Times' Elizabeth Snead interviewed Dakota Fanning this afternoon, and confirmed that Dakota still hasn't read New Moon. Well, I suppose that she still has some time to learn what Jane's all about before filming starts!
"Asked if there was any particular scene from the book that she was looking forward to doing, she said, "I don't know ... I just think the character is what I'd be excited about. It's kind of evil, it's a vampire, it's really cool."

Does she have any favorite vampires from films?

"I don't. The only vampire movie I've seen is 'Twilight.' "

I told her, "Well, then, I guess we know who your favorite vampire is!" and Dakota laughed out loud and blushed.

Fanning hasn’t read all four of Stephenie Meyers' vampire books yet, but says she's "working on it. I'm just about finished with the first one."

So, another reporter asked, she hasn’t gotten to "New Moon" yet?

"No, not yet," she admitted."
Obviously, I just can't relate to big, busy movie stars who have two movies coming out at once; I was hooked on Twilight from the start and could not put it down 'til I was done. Read the rest of the article over at the Dish Rag.

January 30, 2009

Kristen Stewart rumored to be starring in James Woods' next flick, 'An American Girl'

Wow, the work keeps on coming for Kristen Stewart! Nikki Finke's Deadline Hollywood suggests that Kristen Stewart may have landed herself another gig in James Woods' new movie:

"As for Woods, who's quite a handful, he's producing and directing the feature An American Girl with Gersh client and Twilight star Kristen Stewart attached to star. "She said it was the best thing she's ever read," an insider told me."

I visited Twilight Singapore, a really great Singaporean fansite, and was reminded that 'An American Girl' may have been the film that Kristen Stewart mentioned during an interview last December with BlackBook :

Do you have a particular movie in mind that you would like to see get made?

"Right now, people are terrified of making anything to do with the current war because the last two movies about it weren’t successful. But there is this movie that James Woods is trying to make, and it’s having a really hard time because people are so afraid of it, although it really has nothing to do with the war. We’re not saying anything about it. It has no opinion. It’s a coming home story about a girl who goes to war as a Marine and comes home a double amputee. It’s one of, if not the most powerful stories I’ve read in a long, long time. I would do anything to get that made.

Another Robert Pattinson Sighting Out & About in Oxford / London Today

Perez Hilton reports another R-patz sighting:

"Spotted: Twilight hottie Robert Pattinson at the Oxford train station around 4:25 P.M. on Friday, catching a train to London with a tallish, pretty, brown/blonde-haired girl. "They definitely looked like they were going out," a source tells us."

Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart Naked in Bed (Not Really)

Somebody is very good with Photoshop, because this fan manip of Robert & Kristen supposedly nekkid in bed is making its rounds over the internet on sites like Allie is Wired and Gossip Teen as a *legit* pic. Awesome! :)

Here's proof that it's a fake photo:

G.I. Joe Kicks Edward Cullen's Ass: Vampires no match for 'A Real American Hero' & Nostalgia

Until yesterday, Twilight was the #1 picture gallery on RopeofSilicon.com. Somehow, G.I. Joe has taken Twilight down and become the most-viewed gallery on the site.

Push Premiere Photos: Ashley Greene is Florally-Fabulous and Dakota Fanning is 'Gray Gorgeous'!

There are just a couple of the many Push premiere photos posted over at ifelthope.net. Go check them all out!

Also, isn't Dakota Fanning beautiful? I personally think she's gonna make an amazing Jane. See her 'Gray Gorgeous' photos over at JustJared Jr.

Ashley & Kellan are Pro-Fanning too!

At the premiere of "Push" last night, Dakota Fanning confirmed her excitement over the possibility of being in New Moon to ET:

"It would be so neat if it worked out, I'm a really big fan," Dakota says about being a part of 'New Moon.' "It's probably too soon to say for sure, but it would be really cool."

Also, Kellan Lutz and Ashley Greene said that they would really like to work with the young star:

"I hope she does ['New Moon'] she's a brilliant actress," Kellan says -- Ashley adds: "Hopefully she will be involved in the second one. I think she's an amazing little actress."

P.S. Didn't Camilla Belle, one of the stars of Push who made the Twilight 'Nonsense' comment, look gorgeous at the premiere? No wonder she allegedly has all these boys fawning over her. :)

They like the New Moon Script! Collider's Exclusive Interviews with Edi Gathegi, Rachelle Lefevre, Ashley Greene and Kellan Lutz

Collider has posted new, exclusive video interviews with some of the Twilight cast from the premiere of "Push". Edi, Rachelle, Ashley & Kellan address questions around New Moon filming, whether or not they've read the script, etc. Check all interviews out here.

Who is Tyler Hoechlin? Not Edward Cullen.

After revealing on Monday that Tyler Hoechlin was *this* close to being Edward Cullen, we've all been wondering who Tyler is!

According to Wikipedia, Tyler is an American actor who got his big break starring alongside Tom Hanks in the film Road to Perdition, then went on to star as Martin Brewer in the show 7th Heaven in 2003. Currently, Tyler is a baseball player for the UC Irvine Anteaters.
Can you imagine what the Twilight baseball scene could've been with Tyler?

Swoonworthy Emmett Kellan Lutz Photoshoot; I guess I just like guys in suits :-)

Wow, Kellan Lutz looks great in these photos! Check out the whole photoshoot over at unlimited-photos.com.

January 29, 2009

Twilight somehow wins PETA Award for Most Animal-Friendly Movie, even though the Cullens Murder Animals to drink their Blood

As Twilight Lexicon points out, did the peeps at PETA even watch Twilight?? If they had, they would've seen the opening scene where a deer is hunted by a Vampire.

Ahh...I see. It was won by *fan* vote. :)

Robert Pattinson Sighting at Lily Allen's Aftershow Party (Because I know that some of you care)

I happened upon this LondonPaper update, which mentioned that Robert Pattinson was seen at Lily Allen's aftershow party last night:

"After the gig Allen was about two hours late for at her official aftershow party at Cordy House in Shoreditch after stopping en-route at Kate Moss’ house.

After the most fleeting visits, telling organisers “I’m only staying for one drink", she headed to her best friend Miquita Oliver’s house leaving celebrities Jack Penate, Just Jack, Henry Holland, and Twilight actor Robert Pattinson to enjoy the free booze."

Read the rest here.

New Moon Movie Soundtrack Gossip (Already): Going the "Experimental" Route

(No, this is the New Moon cover, if you were wondering. Just couldn't think of anything else appropriate!)

AnswerBitch over at E!Online has the early scoop on the New Moon soundtrack. Sounds like the music could be quite a bit different for the Twilight sequel!

"The new director, Chris Weitz, has been sending out signals that he may be open to a more experimental soundtrack than his predecessor. That could mean songs that sparkle even more than the movie's vampires when they get caught in the sun.

"I think that might be the way it's going," says Marisa Baldi, West Coast partner for Zync, a music brokerage that funneled two songs onto the Twilight soundtrack. "I get the vibe that [Chris Weitz] is a little more into being surprised...everything is really open, and he wants to hear a lot of cool music."

As long as "experimental" = Good, I'm cool with that. :) Read the rest of the article here.

Rachelle Lefevre & Taylor Lautner Empire Outtakes: (Is it just me, or are they all starting to look the same?) :-)

Lion & Lamb Love just loaded up another batch of new Empire Magazine outtakes. You can check out the originals over at Unlimited-Photos.com. This time, Taylor & Rachelle get some love!

R-Patz Envy: Justin Timberlake & Zac Efron Supposedly Jealous of Robert Pattinson over lead 'Ohio' movie role

I just saw this gossip over at Robert Pattinson Life. According to Star Magazine (again, super-reliable! heh), Justin Timberlake and Zac Efron are pissed that R-Patz is being offered a leading role in an upcoming flick:
"Rumors are rampant stating that Robert Pattinson, Zac Efron, and Justin Timberlake are being courted for roles in Ohio, the film based on the 1970 murders of anti-Vietnam War protesters at Kent State University.

Star Magazine is claiming that Timberlake, and Efron, are upset that Pattinson who is a newcomer in their eyes, has been offered a leading role - according to a tabloid spy.

“Everyone in the industry is shocked that Rob is already getting such big roles,” says an insider. Zac and Justin have been working for a lot longer than he has. There is a bit of jealousy there. Zac’s people want him to have the lead. And Justin’s people have asked that he get a lot of screen time.”
Read the article over at Pop Media.

Status Check: To our *chagrin*, still no Midnight Sun

Gatecrasher has an update on the status of Midnight Sun, and to the *chagrin* of many of us readers, Midnight Sun is still on hold right now. However, we can anxiously anticipate Stephenie's next non-Twilight-related book.
“Nothing’s changed,” a rep for the author confirms to us. “Stephenie has no plans to move forward with ‘Midnight Sun’ at this time.”

But Meyer fanatics can anticipate an upcoming novel. “Stephenie is working on something else at the moment,” the flack reveals. “But she hasn’t announced it yet. It isn’t ‘Twilight’-related. When she’s ready to reveal it, she will. This has been an intense three years for her, and currently she’s just focusing on being a writer.”

As for how Meyer plans to protect her works in the future, her spokesperson says, “She’ll just have to be very selective about where she sends her manuscripts.”
Read the rest here.

I have never in my adult-life had the impulse to write a fan-letter to ANYBODY, but when I heard that MS was on ice, I sent a letter of support & encouragement to Stephenie Meyer too. I hope that she feels excited to finish it one day!

Kristen Stewart Vibrating with Excitement over Joan Jett Biopic -- and doing her homework!

Well, you can barely tell who those two blurry figures seated at the edge of the stage are, but it's none other than Kristen & Nikki, doing some homework for Kristen's upcoming role in the Joan Jett Runaways biopic. Check out PortalTwilight for more photos.

MTV Movies Blog spoke with Kristen about her upcoming role:
“I’m, like, vibrating,” grinned Stewart when we asked about “The Runaways,” a 1970’s-era flick about the influential all-girl rock band fronted by Jett and Lita Ford. “I’m just so excited about that movie. I’m really, exceedingly, more excited than normal,” she laughed.
Read the rest over at MTV.

Another DVD Pimp-out Exclusive: Hot Topic will have a special Twilight DVD offer too.

...and the pimping of the Twilight craze by Summit continues. First they artificially limit the availability of Twilight Blue-Ray DVDs to Best Buy & Target, then they offer exclusive collector's editions through both Amazon and Borders. Now, Hot Topic is offering the following:
"Hot Topic is offering an exclusive and highly collectible Edward Cullen film cell with every copy of the 2-disc special edition Twilight DVD, all for $24.99. This is a real film cell created directly from the movie. There are 250 different images available, each individually numbered and suitable for framing."
I'm guessing that Summit is hoping that we'll all be tempted into buying more than one version! As of now, I've only ordered the plain-vanilla 2-disc special. The Border's version does look cool, but I'm not caving in (yet):

I'm Carlisle?! What the heck.

After I saw Jaci's blog post on Twilight Poison's "What member of the Cullen family are you?" quiz, I had to go test myself out too. I want to be Alice, but being Carlisle is alright. I'm not digging Carlisle's receding hairline in this photo...

I Love My Beanie! Robert Pattinson Beanie Photo Gallery

Celebuzz has put together a gallery of photos featuring Rob in his infamous knit beanie. You can check it out here.

P.S. A beanie they are potentially missing is the one from the Burger King beanie sighting! Probably not R-Patz, but super-funny nonetheless.
P.P.S. I just realized that this is post #200 for me since I started my blog on 12/14; thanks for visiting everybody!

January 28, 2009

New Jackson Rathbone Photoshoot

See the rest of this amazing photoshoot here. Source: Jackson-Rathbone.com

Kristen Stewart & Her Truck

Hmm, I wonder if this is the same truck that Kristen told Premiere.com she purchased when asked, "How long did it take to shake off the character of Bella?"

"I bought a truck, the truck that Charlie [Bella's dad] has in the movie, and I drove it home from Portland, and it was like driving away... Not that it was something I had to get away from. It was just, it was such a complete experience. I got over it. I drove all the way home. I mean, it was okay. [laughs] It didn't take that long. Just the drive home, I guess."

Does anybody remember what Charlie was driving in the movie? :) Image Source: TMZ

Twilight Ultimate Collector's Set: Amazon Blue-Ray Exclusive

Wow, Amazon is exclusively offering a $69.99 Twilight Ultimate Collector's Set that includes the following:

Special edition Twilight Blue-Ray
* Soundtrack
* Six collectors cards
* Twilight bookmark
* Exclusive watch
* Limited edition charm bracelet
* Certificate of authenticity

Check it out here.

Thanks to orinneko over at Lion Lamb LiveJournal for the tip!

Random R-patz Candid

I have no clue where people find these candid photos, but here is one that is posted at Robert Pattinson Australia.

Reality Bites: Lousy economy finally threatening a reliable source of TwiCrack

It's fun to escape the real-world by blogging about Twilight, but the reality is that things are pretty rough out there these days, and now reality is beginning to invade my Twilight world.

Over the past months, I've really enjoyed Variety.com's Thompson on Hollywood blog, which has often featured reliable, in-the-know Twilight tidbits, such as the revelation that James Mangold and Juan Antonio Bayona have been circling the job of directing Eclipse.

Consequently, I am quite disappointed to read that Anne Thompson was laid-off from Variety this week. Luckily, the blog will continue, and Anne has other opportunities that she's looking forward to tackling. Good luck Anne!

If only we all possessed Alice's psychic-Stock-picking abilities to help us weather this economy!Image source: Twilight-online.nl

NY Comic Con (Feb 6-9): How to get your Edward & Bella Tonner Dolls earlier than everybody else

After reading about an MTV Staffer's excitement over the Magical Edward Cullen doll, you may be coveting one of these Tonner dolls too. Unfortunately, you won't be able to get your hands on them until Spring 2009, UNLESS you attend NY Comic Con!

Tonner announced the following:
A limited quantity TONNER TWILIGHT CHARACTER FIGURES™ have been rushed in just in time for New York Comic Con (Feb. 6-8).

Only 100 pieces of each figure (Edward Cullen and Bella Swan) will be available for purchase in TONNER booth number 1127 for $139.99 each.
Check out the details here.

IMHO, this Tonner Edward doll is much prettier than the fugly Edward Cullen Action figure that was unveiled earlier. However, Tonner Edward's hair is still all big and crazy-looking.

Are you a First Nations / Aboriginal Actor Looking for a gig with a "Major Motion Picture" in Vancouver? Check Craigslist.

Psycho Bunny over at Fangoria speculates this morning that a *cryptic* posting on the film section of Vancouver's Craigslist may indeed be an open casting call for New Moon! From Vancouver Craigslist:
Sunday, February 8
9AM to 12 Noon

Aikins/Cossey Casting is conducting a three city search for a Major Motion Picture. We are looking for young FIRST NATIONS/ABORIGINAL ACTORS AND ACTRESSES BETWEEN THE AGES OF 15 and 25. It will shoot in Vancouver starting mid March to the end of May. Experience is not a requirement. If you are male or female, between 15 and 25 years old, are First Nations and interested in a speaking part in a Hollywood release, please consider attending an open call in your area at the following location...
Read the rest for yourself here.

Vintage Robert Pattinson: New Video featuring More Oldies but Goodies

Another cool Rob video featuring older photos by the super-talented Cilla over at SpunkRansom.com. If you missed her other swoonworthy Rob videos, check them out here. This photoshoots video is one of my favorites!