August 30, 2011

"Off Camera" Pictures of Taylor Lautner From the 2011 VMAs

Kim K is a married woman now, Victoria Justice... Not so much. Looks like he was mackin'!



Possible New Breaking Dawn Image

OH. MY. GAWD. Look at the back! I know I can't see his face, but I don't care!

Have any of y'all seen this?  I found it on Tumblr. Yes, I know you're thinking, but this looks legit. Do you think this is real or fake? I am voting on real.. I want it to be real so badly!


Taylor Lautner at the 2011 Video Music Awards - Pics and Video

Further update: Photos of Taylor presenting with Selena Gomez:

Update: All the videos of Taylor presenting with Selena Gomez keep being pulled, so enjoy this awkward until a better version becomes available:

- Lorabell

Last night Taylor presented with Selena Gomez. Can we say AWKWARD! I wonder if Justin Bieber was all worried about Taylor trying to steal his woman back? Oh, teenage love.

Anyway! Here are a few pictures and a video of Taylor at the VMAs via @Larry411 Enjoy! ;)


P.S. What did y'all think of the VMAs?

August 29, 2011

Pre-Order the First Kristen Stewart Calendar - Finally!

It's not "official" but sign me up!

- Lorabell

Lots New Snow White and The Huntsman Set Pics!

Click for bigger
Oooh, do I spy a potential SWATH logo and font?!

Looks like it's going to be raining in an enchanted forset...

There seem to be a lot of raised trees... I wonder if they need to move Lord of the Rings style?

I can't think what these blocks are for... maybe rigging for a "windy" woods scene?

- Lorabell

New Breaking Dawn Wedding Still - @Billy_Burke Looking Sharp in a Tux!

Swan. Charlie Swan.

- Lorabell ;)

P.s. What IS that on the back of Alice's wall? Does she collect voodoo dolls?

Mmm, Chocolately Delicious Rob Pattinson Outtakes

Click for bigger
No one over here...

No one over there...

I'll be keeping this jacket on for the time being...

Oh now what do I have in mind for you?

Because, YOU have been very naughty indeed.

Drool See more at RobPattzNews

- Lorabell

August 28, 2011

@KellanLutz Covers @GQMag Australia... Very Well Indeed!

@GQAustralia tweet the release of Kellan's cover edition of their Style issue!

How smouldering does he look here? I can't wait to see the rest of his spread ;)

- Lorabell

Win Rob Pattinson's Water For Elephants Clothes!

- Lorabell

@PeterFacinelli Loosie Poster and Stills - Daddy Cullen Looking Hawt!

Totally worth posting - hummana!

See more stills via DiarioTwilight

- Lorabell

Who's Stoked for the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards?

Further update: IP blocker required red carpet live stream:

Update: Here's hoping this is a good live stream...

It's that time of year... again!

The 2011 MTV Video Music Awards are today, August 29th at 9/8pm CT.

We already post that Taylor's presenting at the event, but by the looks of the seating chart he won't be attending with any other members of the Twilight Saga - Breaking Dawn cast *cough*Rob*cough*

Semi-Twi-related nominations include:

The Black Keys: Best Rock Video - "Howling For You"

Adele: Best Pop Video; Best Female; Video of the Year - "Rolling In The Deep" (tentative connection but so worth including!)

Cee-Lo: Best Male - "F*** You"

Either way, I'm stoooked to see the sneak peek The Hunger Games preview!!!

Check back for live blogging... hoping I can stay awake given my extreme current jet-lag ;)

- Lorabell

Anyone Want To See Two Breaking Dawn Cast Members In Spandex?

Update: As well as her twitter @NikkiReed_I_Am you can also follow Nikki at NikkiReed-I-Am.Tumblr

Nikki Reed's photo @peterfacinelli directed a skit for's a pic of us on set as The Wonder Twins! It comes out in a wk-keep you posted

I know... Too hard to pass up, right? Nikki Reed tweeted-
@peterfacinelli directed a skit for's a pic of us on set as The Wonder Twins! It comes out in a wk-keep you posted.
There is a lot of things that I could say about this photo, but I will keep it clean...


Taylor Lautner Attends A Who Dat Practice

Today Taylor hit up the Saints' practice in Oxnard, Ca.  Apparently he got to practice with them and is really, really good!  Chase Daniels, Drew Brees' back up, tweeted-
Taylor Lautner was at walk thru today and actually beat the QB's and Coach Payton in our daily Quarterback competition!
Greg Bensel, VP of communication,  tweeted the photo above of Taylor beside Coach Payton.  Thanks, Greg!

Ugh! A man after my heart! For those of you who don't know, I love my New Orleans Saints!  I live in Mississippi, and am an hour and a half or so away from New Orleans.  Yes, I was a fan before they were good! If y'all only knew how many time I had to wear a brown paper bag over my head. -A little team history for ya!- I will be going to the Saints VS Houston game in a few weeks... Maybe he will be there!


August 25, 2011

New Rob Pattinson Bel Ami Stills and Behind The Scenes Pic! Someone these ASAP!

Good day...

Bad day ;)

Great day!

"I really wanted to leave Edward Cullen behind - by playing a man that all women want whether or not it's good for them - wait... dammit!"

- Lorabell

August 24, 2011

Hold On To Your UnderPattz - Rob Pattinson Playing Renesmee's Lullaby in Breaking Dawn!

Update: @Jack_Morrisey tweet confirming that Rob will be playing Carter Burwell's composition of Renesemee's lullaby on the piano :)


Edward will play Renesmee's lullaby on camera in Breaking Dawn!!!

According to Carter Burwell, who's composing the scores for Breaking Dawn Parts 1 and 2, the returning composer of Bella's lullaby and the Twilight score has just finished Renesmee's lullaby!

I loooove Carter's music and can not wait to hear this score - not to mention swoon over Daddy Edward's fascinatingly fingertastic piano playing hands - gah!

Thanks TK - via MandysMind

- Lorabell

August 23, 2011

Bahaha, Best/Worst "Breaking Dawn" Halloween Costume?!

Lol, the expressions of their faces are too much!

Super thanks to bloggy-bud @EyesOfAmberBlog who emailed over this hilarious "Breaking Dawn" style Halloween costume!

The "Belly Buster" is available at and I reeeeally want at least one TwiCracker out there to work this look at the Breaking Dawn - Part 1 premiere :D

- Lorabell

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 Premiere Information!

The Twilight Saga Official Twitter finally gave us Breaking Dawn: Part 1's World Premiere information! They Tweeted the info with a picture of Edward and Bella in wedding rings on their honeymoon! Just incase the picture above is too small to read, here is what they said-
The World Premiere will be at the Nokia Theatre L.A. LIVE on 11/14! Will you be there?
Are any of y'all planning on going? If so, how early will you be going to camp out? Let us know!


P.S.I am so excited that it is actually time to start planning for the premiere! SQUEEE!

Breaking Dawn Part 2 Casting Announcement: Meet Huilen

Meet Marissa Quintanilla - officially the role of Huilen in Breaking Dawn Part 2!

Huilen raised her nephew Nahuel after her sister, Pire died (... in childbirth/Nahuel accidentally killed her?)

Marissa's official sites are being added to our "Fooled By Fakers" Twi-cast and crew cheet sheet:


Via HisGoldenEyes

- Lorabell

New Abduction Clip - Taylor Lautner Gets A Lil' Action... with thighs that could crack walnuts O_o

TodoTwilightSaga - Clip de Abduction by TodoTwilightSaga

Now, I'm not necessarily one for action movies but this film just looks better and better! Plus, where's the downside in seeing Taylor actually being able to get his action on? I don't see one - especially with that nut-cracker move - dang!

Check out pics of Taylor at the Abduction premiere in Australia HERE :)

Via ToDoTwilightSaga

- Lorabell

Taylor Lautner To Present At The VMAs

According to MTV News, Taylor Lautner will be presenting an award at this year's VMAs! The VMAs are this Sunday, August 29th, at 9 P.M. ET/PT. I know that I will be watching!

How do y'all feel about another live chat? Let us know!

This is what MTV had to say-
If you want to catch a glimpse of megacutie Taylor Lautner before his action-thriller "Abduction" hits theaters next month, you best get yourself down to L.A.'s Nokia Theatre Sunday afternoon. Or better yet, just tune into MTV's Video Music Awards, because everyone's favorite werewolf is set to present at this year's ceremony!

August 22, 2011

Taylor Lautner Handling His Promotional Duties For Abduction

Taylor is currently down under promoting his new movie Abduction.

He was spotted at the Melbourne Airport in Melbourne, Australia on Sunday. He headed to the Jam Factory Cinema to attend a special screening of his film while making time to take pictures with some fan girls. How sweet!

Are any of y'all planning to see Abduction?

See more pics and videos at TheVampireClub


August 21, 2011

Mama Stew's K-11 Movie Wraps - Cast and Crew Spill Production Deets!

Update: More K-11 wrap party pics! I know this isn't a new observation but Holy Hale the Stew family resemblance is strong!

Click for bigger

Via Robstenation

Thanks to Robstenation for compiling this K-11 production uber post:

K-11 already wrapped principal filming. Woot! for director, Jules Stewart. Since our last update about the film was when Cameron Stewart joined the cast, here's a roundup of what's been shared online during the month-long (more or less) production.

Below are tweets about K-11's last day and sweet words about MamaStew and the production. Compiled by K-11MovieFansite

Rocker/musician CraigOwens "Sleepover at Jules Stewart's. Never have I met someone so creative, driven, generous, funny and down right BADASS. LOVE her!! #K11 Get stoked!

Tweets about the last day. Markus_Redmond On the set of K-11, time went by way too fast. Thank you, Jules Stewart. You are fantastical! To my K-11 peeps, thank you. In the deepest sense of the words and the bottom of my heart. This ain't goodbye, it's just how we met. #K11. @KstewAngel Jules is generous, innovative and beyond brilliant as a director. Big thanks to our fearless leader, Jules Stewart, the crew and the Real K-11 Twitter Posse for the super support on a great day! #K11

BillyMorrison F*ck. Wrapped. Now what? This feels shitty. Just said goodbye to some VERY cool people on K-11. And Jules Stewart is simply awesome. Last day of shooting for the K-11 posse. I'm gonna miss this sh*t. Older tweets. Don't want this movie to wrap - feel like I've been shooting it for months and everyone is family. Once more unto the breach for K-11. People are starting to get picture-wrapped on K-11. Feeling sad that it's coming to an end. But what an amazing experience it's been.

DBSweeney Wrapped on #K11 today. They are targeting Berlin Film Fest for debut. I think this ones worth the price of admission. (The festival runs from February 9 -19 in 2012)
Variety hinted K-11's "likely preem at Berlin next year" last March.

Costume Department/_Krystyn Wrapped #k11 tonight...Had such a great time working on this movie and; met some really amazing ppl.

August 19, 2011 ammishelle #k11 is done, I feel like its the end of summer camp. It's happy and exciting, but its really sad. Wrap party tomorrow :) :)

Jay Mewes wrapped K-11 August 13th That's a wrap on K-11 for mewes.

BillyMorrison talks about K-11 and Jules on his blog entry " The movie itself looks simply stunning, and trust me when I say you’re going to want to see this thing. Some of the performances have been really intense, and I hope that I threw myself in at the deep end and went for my scenes with even a fraction of the commitment that the other members of the cast displayed. And witnessing writer/director Jules Stewart command the set is something that I will never forget. She is the real deal, a force to be reckoned with, and is a fierce talent."

Kate del Castillo who plays Mousey talks about her role

Actor PJ Byrne talks about working in K-11 I’m also working on K11 with Jules Stewart, who is Kristen Stewart’s mom. DB Sweeney and Goran Visnjic are in it. It’s a pretty intense movie – a really serious, hardcore drama. I like to mix it up.

E!OnLine July 28th "The role Kristen was supposed to play is described as "a beautiful young waif named Butterfly" who, get this, is a transgender man. And to the actress playing Butterfly now—that's Portia Doubleday—we wish you luck, babe! You've got some big, Stewart shoes to fill."

For more updates about the film check out K-11Movie Fansite and K-11 on IMDb

- Lorabell

P.s. Side note: I did NOT know Mama Stew had so many tatts!